Touring the Wine Regions of Italy

Touring the Wine Regions of Italy

If there’s one thing that Italy is at the top of its game when it comes to the food and drinks culture on the global platform- it is definitely the wine they produce. The abundance of wine regions in the country is one of the main reasons that the culture has grown exponentially over the years, putting Italy amongst the top countries for tourists to visit. The country has over 20 wine producing regions which are known to make use of over 2000 varieties of grapes. And it’s not just the big producers that are in the business of making wine, Italians love wine so much that they even make their own wine at home! People also buy wine from local producers which are inexpensive but still have a splendid taste.

But what sets the big wine producers apart is not just the quality of the wine, but also the luscious vineyards.

Why you should take a tour to a winery?

Every major region in Italy has a winery and most of them are available for a tour throughout the year. Visiting a winery in Italy is an unforgettable as well as an educational experience. The tour usually includes the explaining of the whole process of how the wine is made, which gives the visitor an insight into the background of the this art. It also gives one enough opportunity to learn about things like the kind of grapes that are used, the climate that different kinds require and the process that turns them into this delicious drink.

How long can you stay?

The duration of the wine tours depends on the vineyards. Some take you through the process in a single day while some might give you the luxury of accommodation and meals allowing you to explore the fields for days. Irrespective of how long your stay is and what region you’re in, travelling to a winery and taking a tour is not difficult in Italy since most of them don’t have a reservation system and you can just walk in and take a tour.

Here are a few options to plan your trip to the vineyards.

Take a road trip.

If you’re looking for a fine travelling experience in the country, a good option is to rent a car and take a drive through vineyards crossing different regions. Depending on the winery you’re visiting, you may have the option to stay for days or you could take a day long tour and drive to the next one while moving along the beautiful sceneries that surround the fields. This will give you the additional experience of getting yourself familiar with the different wineries and the backgrounds.

Plan a one-day trip.

If you’re on limited time and still want to make a trip to a wine estate, it is best to visit a winery that provides one day tours. There are some selected wineries, of course, that provide these tours and it is a good idea to make arrangements with the winery before you start your trip. There are different websites that provide information on the tours and guides on the vineyards close to your location, wherever you are in Italy.

A long trip for a rich experience.

If you’re someone who prefers quality over quantity, you may want to take a tour in a winery that lasts for several days. There are some dedicated places that focus on the visitor’s comfort and travelling leisure, while still making sure to share with them the knowledge of winemaking. These places usually provide with places to stay, fine class meals and an exceptional excursion through the beautiful vineyards.


In 1993, The Movimento Turismo del Vino (or The Wine Tourism Movement) was formed to promote tourism in the wine regions in Italy. The members of this association offer nothing less than top quality and a vision to promote and educate people about the business and environmental aspects of winemaking.

MTV organises multiple events throughout the year for wine lovers to come together and socialise- the biggest of them being the Cantine Aperte. If you’re travelling to meet people that have a similar taste and interest in wines, you may want to plan your trip around this event. The one day nationwide festival happens on the last sunday of May every year when more than 1000 wineries across the country open their doors for the people to taste their wines.