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Simple Tips to Save Money on Your Trip to Italy

Posted On: 26th February 2016 | Category: Blogs

Are you planning to visit Italy this year? If yes, then you are probably wondering about the travel expenses that are likely to add up to a huge sum at the end of your stay in this dreamy country. Italy is known to be an affordable country as compared to the likes of Denmark and Switzerland. However, you can expect the expenses to roll out quickly if you have also planned to visit destinations like Rome, Venice, Milan as well as Florence on your upcoming Italian holiday. You can further expect the expenses to grow in case you are visiting Italy during the peak holiday season!

The good news is that there are several ways how you can save big on your next holiday in Italy. With just a little bit of time management as well as research, you can cut short on the total expenses of your Italian vacation irrespective of the destinations you have planned to visit.

Tips to Save Big on Your Next Italian Vacation

1. Early booking is the key to acquiring cheap air fares as well as accommodations. With the summer season being the peak holiday season in Italy, it is needless to say that the air fare and accommodation costs are going to be skyrocketing. Make sure to book your tickets and hotels well in advance for getting cheaper rates.

2. Consider visiting Italy during the shoulder seasons i.e. during the falls and springs when it is comparatively less crowded and when the prices are cheaper. For the best deals on both airfare and accommodation, planning your Italian vacation during winter season is another option for all travelers.

3. Well begun is half done! Kick start a budget- friendly vacation in Italy even before you leave your home. Go online and look for blogs and websites which present the best of Italy in the most cost- effective package.
4. Starting from car rentals, hotels and air fares, always ask for the cheapest option and be a little flexible when it comes to planning the duration as well as time of your trip.

5. If you are looking forward to hiring a rental car in Italy, make sure to book the car well in advance and get entitled to get some lucrative discounts. Making your car rental reservations before getting on the plane to Italy is a money saver by all means.

6. If car rental is your preferred mode of commutation in Italy, make sure to hire a diesel car. These cars not only consume lesser fuel; rather cheaper diesel rates will also cut short on your total expenditure in Italy.
7. Go for small hotels and other places of accommodation. The fancier your hotel room is the bigger hole it is going to put on your pockets. Whether you are visiting Italy during the peak season or during the off-season months, always look for cheap accommodation options.

8. Remember that flying on weekdays is cheaper as compared to flying on weekends. Plan accordingly and save big on airfares.

9. Keep a check on the various travel websites as well as journals in order to catch up on the best deals and offers on Italian holiday packages.

10. For people comfortable with the idea of traveling with a group of fellow tourists, escorted trips can be a great way of saving more money and this also makes it easier for them to traverse a new country.

11. Not much of money- saving tip, but traveling light can save you a lot of time and energy on your next Italian holiday. It will cut short the need of hiring rental cars and porters every now and then.

12. If traveling by buses and trains, make sure to acquire a pass if and only if it is going to save you some extra bucks.

13. Travel overnight to save on the hotel fare! In Italy, you can take overnight ferries or trains for traveling from one destination to another and this will eradicate the need of checking into an hotel; hence saving you a lot of money.

14. When it comes to parking, make sure that you are booked well in advance with your hotel authorities for an available parking space. Often these hotels have tie-ups with parking spaces in the outskirts of the city and can offer you with cheaper parking facility.

15. Meals provided in the hotels are downright overrated and you certainly do not want to spend €5 for a mediocre cup of coffee and a croissant. Instead, grab your coat and check out the numerous coffee shops and budget-friendly eating places which are just round the block.

16. If there is a buffet available in your hotel, make sure to stock up enough so that you do not feel like indulging in yet another meal before it is lunch time. Similarly, treat yourself with a hearty lunch so that it keeps you full till the dinner is served.

17. There are informal lunches comprising of salads, pizzas, drinks and pastas available at the mini- bars in Italy which can help you save a lot on those expensive lunches. Instead, you can save throughout the day on your meals and then treat yourself with a hearty dinner.

18. Avoid making any phone calls from your hotel room as these can cost you a lot of money. Instead, make use of calling cards at public phone booths or ask your family/ relatives beforehand to call you at a specific time.

19.  Before you leave for Italy, make a list of the free concerts, beaches, museums, festivals and other places of interest in order to stay ahead of the sightseeing expenses here. There are several beaches, museums and church concerts which have free entry for tourists. Communicate with your hotel staff for better deals and sightseeing options.

20. Avoid spending on artifacts, glassware and paintings anywhere in Italy as these can bulk up the cost of shipping. With certain shops and boutiques not providing international shipping, tagging along the expensive painting with you during your entire trip is certainly something that you do not want!

21. Try to make all the transactions with your credit card as there is very less transaction fees incurred at the ATMs in Italy.

22. Avoid going for accommodations with a private pool as these can dig a huge hole in your pocket. Instead, book villas in the vicinity of a beach so that you can enjoy your swim while spending very less on the staying place.

23. Try to arrange for your own excursion trips in Italy. The guided tours can cost you comparatively more money. Besides saving time and money, you will also be able to visit the sights of your preference.

24. While planning to traverse across the metropolitan cities like Venice, Paris, Milan, Florence and Rome, make it a point to walk as much as you can. Keep a city map handy and make sure to plan your tour geographically in order to avoid the unnecessary cost of commutation.

25. Save big by playing your age card. In Italy, if you are over 65 years, below 26 or still a student, you can save big on the travel passes. Travelers must carry their passports and identity cards in order to benefit from the lower charges and free passes.

Start preparing for your Italian holiday well in advance in order to save big on the total expenses. Examine all the options available closely and plan an affordable trip to Italy.