The Venice Carnival 2019

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Venice Carnival is one of the biggest annual events celebrated in Italy’s Veneto Region. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that nearly 3 million people visit Venice every year during the carnival. As the two-week-long celebration is all about decorative markets, vibrant parades, and engaging concerts, it makes perfect sense to pre-book a rental car in Venice and look forward to a memorable holiday. We’ve compiled a useful review of the 2019 Carnevale di Venezia, which is going to begin on 16 February, Saturday and conclude on 5 March, Tuesday.

Venice Carnival History

The carnival’s origin can be traced back to 1162 when the Republic of Venice defeated Ulrich II von Treven, the Patriarch of Aquileia. People from different walks of life, wearing beautiful masks, rejoiced and danced at San Marco Square to celebrate the victory. The idea behind wearing the masks was to encourage people to intermingle without worrying about the social stature of each other. But as the luck would have it. The carnival was outlawed in 1797 and didn’t see the light of the day before 1979. The Italian Government decided to reinvent the carnival with a resolve to retain its traditional vibe. Since then, the famous masks have been inseparable from Venice Carnival. Carrying forward the same spirit in the 21st century, the event sees the participation of individuals from across the globe.

2019 Venice Carnival Events

You may have visited the City of Canals many times before but the showstopper events during the grand carnival make Venice unmissable. The schedule of must-see events is as follows:

  • Venice Carnival Opening on 16 February, Saturday
  • Festa delle Marie Parade on 23 February, Saturday
  • Venice Carnival Official Dinner, Show & Ball on 23, 24, 28 February and 1 & 5 March
  • The Best Mask Contest on 24 February, Sunday to 3 March, Sunday
  • The Flight of the Angel on 24 February, Sunday
  • The Flight of the Eagle on 3 March, Sunday
  • Mascheranda Grand Ball on 3 March, Sunday

Venice Carnival Fee

It may sound unbelievable but there is no entry fee for the Venice Carnival. You do not need to pay anything to see the parades and other major events. Nevertheless, there could be a few private parties or shows, which are on a pay-and-attend basis. But it is totally up to you whether you want to attend those or not.

Venice Carnival Costumes

While it is completely normal to pack a few casuals and enjoy the festivities in Venice, it’ll be great fun if you don a happening costume complementing with a Venetian mask. As there are plenty of shops that sell a variety of attires and masks of various sizes and shapes, you can buy one pretty easily in Venice. Popular masks include - Pantalone, Pierrot, Harlequin, Pulcinella, Scaramuccia or Colombina, and Brighella.

Arriving in Venice

One of the easiest ways to reach Venice is via Venice Airport, which is just 6 miles/10 km away from the city. Once you land at the airport, you can hire a car at Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE) and drive to your destination in no time. You can also rent a car at Treviso Airport (TSF). The airport is about 25 miles/41 km away from Venice.

Car Parking in Venice

Despite being crisscrossed by a number of roadways, Venice city center remains inaccessible to cars. You will have to walk up to the Piazza San Marco after parking your rental car at one of the following car parks.

Piazzale Roma Public Garage

  • Location: Near Historic Center
  • Charges: 23€ - 29€ per day
  • Hours open: 24x7
  • Space: 2,300 vehicles

Tronchetto Private Garage

  • Location: Near Piazzale Roma
  • Charges: 2€ - 12€ per day
  • Hours open: 24x7
  • Space: 4,500 vehicles

S. Giuliano Public Lot

  • Location: Mestre
  • Charges: 3€ - 21€ per day
  • Hours open: 24x7
  • Space: 3,500 vehicles

Of all the romance and charm that Venice is renowned for, nothing comes close to its spectacular carnival. From masquerade balls to Venetian masks, the Carnival of Venice is a peerless affair. What is stopping you from going to such an incredible festival in the Floating City? Book the best car hire in Venice now and be the part of the extravaganza.

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