Gubbio Christmas Tree – The World’s Largest Christmas Tree!

Gubbio Christmas Tree – The World’s Largest Christmas Tree!

In Umbria region Italy, Christmas celebrations are a mix of culture and innovation. Home to the largest Christmas Tree in World, the Italian region’s month long festivities are experienced by people World over. However, in light of the horrendous terrorist attacks in Paris this year, switching on to the celebration mode has become much more valuable. This is why, the slopes of Mt Ingino in Gubbio will once again be decked up this year with over 3000 lights using electric cables of several kilometers in length.

The event begins every year on Immaculate Conception Eve, the evening of December 7 and continues till 10th January. There are other notable celebrations as well, such as the huge shooting star in Miranda and the Feast of the Translation held in Valnerina.

However, it is the light spectacle of Mount Ingino Christmas Tree that has earned global recognition. The tree is easily visible from a distance of around 50Km. Another important aspect is that solar light is being used to lit it up since the year 2010.

It was lit up for the very first time in the year 1981, when residents of Gubbio decided to celebrate Christmas differently. In 1991, it earned the spot of ‘World’s Largest Christmas Tree’ in Guinness Book of World Records.

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