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Ecovia Car Rental

Pick a comfortable and low-cost car rental that also helps in saving the environment.

Ecological Car Rental

Ecovia believes and contributes in saving the environment and thus offers a range of vehicles that produce as less pollution as possible. Ecovia Car Rental is the perfect solution for people who believe in the same ideology and prefer driving cars that are environment-friendly.

Range of Vehicles

Ecovia has partnered up with major international car rental brands like Volkswagen, Skoda and more in setting up an environment-friendly fleet for the customers. Ecovia offers short-term and long-term rentals at economical prices so that these quality car rentals are not too heavy on the renter’s pocket.


Ecovia Car Rental have their offices in numerous locations in Italy. The car hire locations include major cities, airports and downtowns that are easy to reach and are also open at odd hours for late pickups and dropoffs. The company must be informed timely in case of a flight delay so the staff will be present for a late pickup.

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