Arte Fiera

Arte Fiera

The oldest and the largest art festival in Italy, Arte Fiera, is back in 2018 with its 42nd edition and will feature promising art from within the country and around the world! The art was founded in 1974 and is known all around the world as a pioneer in art festivals and exhibitions. Numerous galleries - local and international, artists - new and established, collectors and the general public come to Bologna every year to witness the astounding display of art in this art fair.

Generally, the programme at the fair includes genad displays of artworks - both galleries and solo shows, prizes by the sponsors for artists with exceptional talent under various categories, talks and discussions involving various artists and established members of the community about different topics and more among many things.

Usually, there are five main sections of the art fair

  • Solo shows
  • Photography
  • Focus on Eastern European Countries
  • Contemporary and Modern Art
  • New Proposals

There are additional sectors for special performances, bookshops, publishing houses and institutions.

Admission Information

  • Daily ticket - 2500 Euros
  • 4 days ticket - 3700 Euros
  • 3 days ticket - 3500 Euros
  • 2 days ticket - 3200 Euros

Disabled persons are admitted free of charge.

No backpacks allowed inside the premises.

Free Wi-Fi is available for all visitors.

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