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5 Best Road Trips in Italy

Posted On: 16th March 2016 | Category: Blogs

Italy offers a surprisingly diverse as well as picturesque landscape to all travelers. These road trips range from several hours of driving to over two weeks, all depending on your itinerary. Driving across the scenic countryside in Italy is a great opportunity for all tourists to catch a glimpse of some of the most wonderful sights in the world. What makes these road trips more worthwhile is an affordable car rental deal at your disposal. Travelers can acquire budget- friendly and all- inclusive car hire deals through Cars Rental Italy and make the most of their stay in this culturally diverse country.

Roads trips are undoubtedly the best way of traversing across a lesser- known place especially when your route consists of well- maintained roads that are weaved through plunging coastlines, medieval towns, picturesque lakes, snow- capped mountainous peaks as well as a climate worth cherishing during most part of the year. With some of these road trips consisting of extremely challenging routes for an amateur traveler, these are unforgettable experiences worth having at least once in a lifetime.

Popular road trips in Italy are often categorized on the basis of the route as well as the en route destinations. With travelers usually preferring a walk through the ancient ruins and medieval monuments here, one of the most efficient ways to explore every nook and corner of Italy is a road trip. Get a chance to explore the scenic countryside with a cost- effective Italy car rental deal at your disposal. If you are planning to visit Italy anytime in the near future, here is a list of best 5 road trips in Italy that will bring you face to face with the best experiences that Italy has to offer.

Best 5 Road Trips in Italy

A trip through the wineries in Tuscany


Driving across the stunningly beautiful sceneries in Tuscany is a dream come true for food and wine lovers. Traveling along the rolling scenery of the Casentino Valley while on route from Florence to the countryside in Tuscany will enable travelers to stop at several prominent wineries, Italian hotels as well as local eateries which offer some of the best lip- smacking Italian cuisines at very quaint prices. If an authentic Italian experience is what you are aiming for, driving along the road from Florence to Tuscany is a real treat for you. The total duration of this road trip is 63 miles and it will take you through some of the most magical landscapes in Italy. Catch a glimpse of some of the most iconic sceneries in Italy and do not forget to pack your camera!

Drive through the scenic Amalfi Coast


Travelers can come face to face with breathtakingly beautiful views of the elegant countryside villas as well as the crystal clear waters in Italy while driving through the Sorrento Peninsula here. Start your road trip from Naples and cruise along well- carved roads to reach Mount Vesuvio on route to Sorrento, Salerno as well as Positano. It is a full- fledged 4- day trip which takes 5 hours to travel 108 miles. There are also plenty of stopping places available throughout this road trip which offer both dine and wine facility to all tourists. You will not only get a chance to explore and understand several stunning towns; rather you will also have a once in a lifetime experience driving towards the Amalfi Coast.

Explore the treasures of Sicily


Sicily is a very popular island which is known to grace the beauty and charm of Italy many folds with its gorgeous vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. Sicily is known to offer some of the most relishing seafood cuisines in the world and its story and history is interesting and unique in its own way. Your road trip to Sicily will commence in Catania with several stops on the Mount Elsa slope, the Taormina seaside and stretches across 87 miles with gorgeous scenery accompanying the travelers in Messina. It is a 3- day road trip to Sicily and offers travelers with ample opportunity to explore the roadside shops, restaurants and several classic monuments and ruins on their way. Sicily is an unusually good part of Italy which is worth exploring in a rental car.

Experience the wilderness in Abruzzo


Abruzzo is around an hour’s driving distance from eastern Rome. It is a unique world on its own with vacant valleys, wilderness; less- traversed mountainous landscapes as well as lakes making it an extraordinarily beautiful destination in Italy. Travelers can take A24 autostrada to Fonte Cerreto from the capital driving along the twists as well as turns up to Campo Imperatore. It is a highland plain which is overlooked by the highest peak of Apennine at a height of 2912 meter, known as Corno Grance. From here, tourists can drive along a semi- abandoned and remote village called Santo Stefano di Sessanio which is located in Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga.

Drive along the Stelvio Pass

Stelvio Pass road trip

If driving along the alpine regions and catching a glimpse of the alpine views is your idea of a perfect road trip in Italy, then the Stelvio Pass is where you should be heading to. The route leading to this pass offers some of the most spectacular vistas to all travelers. The itinerary of a road trip along the Stelvio Pass consists of stops at Bolzano, Bormio, Livigno as well as Stelvio. Driving through the northern regions of Italy offers all travelers with the chance to explore the picturesque Ortler Alps along with munching on some great cuisines on their way. For nature lovers and people wanting to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Stelvio Pass is a great road trip option.

Road trips are probably the most enjoyable way of exploring a lesser- known country and tripping across these destinations will surely provide all travelers with a chance to catch some spectacular views of the Italian landscapes.