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Rome is famous for so many cultural and political influences, and you can be sure its city walls contain some of the most awesome art, architecture and other sights to behold. Travelers can enjoy a comfortable Rome car hire and drive around the city along with its nearby areas easily. We have many pick up and drop off rental locations. Depending upon your budget and requirements, you can choose among the various cars we offer. We have liability insurance and roadside assistance also. We assure you great comfort and great Rome car rental service at the most competitive rates.


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Rome, Italy is the capital of the Country. It holds about 2.7 inhabitants and is just over 2,500 years old, so rich with history. It was the capital city of Ancient Rome, which was the main center of the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and ultimately, the Roman Empire. Until the 7th Century, Rome was highly influential on all locations within the Mediterranean region. It became the capital of the Roman Republic in 1846, and hosts the Vatican City-State, which lies within the city, a sovereign nation into itself. It’s easy to plan for a great vacation in Rome, by simply using Rome car rental service offered by us to get a good idea as to what we can offer you for a travel package to the area.

Not only does Rome have many architectural and artistic wonders, but it is also host to many theatrical performances, musical festivals and museums. It is so rich and resplendent in archeological finds, too. Most of these can be found by merely charting out a trip through the friendly people who work with us. Those who are local to the area will have much to point out to you, since many travelers use our Rome car rental service. You can find yourself looking at many of Rome’s wonders, partaking in its food and of course, wine. The many libations you can partake of include wine as well as cappuccino, lattes of course, espresso. If you have never had espresso before, it is a very strong drink, made from cacao.

You can find yourself visiting places like the Tempietto, which was built in the Italian Renaissance style; view the Roman Colosseum, which is partially in ruins but still gorgeous to this day, as well as many wonders to behold. Getting around Rome requires wheels, since it is really quite large, both as a city and area.

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